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EL-CL-X-1309 is an advanced machine with a great lifetime.

The EL-CL-X-1309 is made with a strong structure to protection against any threath and a laser tube with a lifetime higher than 10000 hours. The advanced software of the machine can be embedded in CorelDraw and CAD, allowing the operator to work with the machine directly from those softwares. 

Technical Specifications  EL-CL-X-1309
Laser Power 90W to 160W
Working Area 1300 mm x 900 mm
Laser Tube  Laser Tube CO2
Engraving Speed Up to 1000 mm/s
Cutting Speed Up to 660 mm/s
Power 110V/220V - 50HZ/60Hz - 10 A

Possible Materials
Embroidery, fabrics, acrylic, wood and
die-board, paper, leather, among others.

Applicable to Industries
Clothing and footwear industry, embroidery, Mold
Industries, publicity, decoration, eletronics, among others.




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