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XXP3-320-EL is a 3D dynamic CO2 Laser Marking Machine.

The XXP3-320-EL is also part of the leading 3D dynamic CO2 Marking Machines that leads the market. It allows Ultra-Limit Cutting and the maximum working area is 600mmx600mm. The machine tecnhology avoids black and yellow edges.

Technical Specifications  XXP3-320-EL
Gross Power 4.5KW
Working Area 300mm x 600mm / 600mm x 600mm
Dimensions 1720×740×1500mm
Weight 250Kg
Power 220V - 50/60Hz - 20A

Possible Materials
Genuine leather, Artificial leather, Denim,
Paper, Fabrics, Wood, Bamboo, Plastic, Rubber,
Acrylic, Marble, Crystal, among others.

Applicable to Industries
Leather, Shoes, Denim wash, Paper, Woodware,
Packaging, Advertising, Crafts & gifts, among others.




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