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D601-EL is a Multi-Materials Laser Cutting Machine.

The D601-EL is a perfect choice to work with materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, among others. The large working area, the smart surface tracking system and the anti-reflection device makes this machine a great versatile choice.

ExpressLaser D series has also available the D201-EL and the D401-EL.

Technical Specifications  D201-EL D401-EL D601-EL
Gross Power 8KW 16KW 21KW
Working Area  2450x1250mm 2450x1250mm 2450x1250mm
Dimensions 4000×2170×1700mm 4000x2170x1700mm 4000x2170x1250mm
Weight 2500Kg 2500Kg 2500Kg
Power 380V - 50/60Hz - 60A  380V - 50/60Hz - 60A  380V - 50/60Hz - 60A

Possible Materials
Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel,
Acrylic, Die-board, among others.

Applicable to Industries
Metal plate, Printing and packaging, Advertising,
Processing center, Decoration, among others.




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