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GHM1260T-EL is a machine that can help save your time.

The GHM1260T-EL has two heads, two large working areas (1200mm x 600mm), and a motion system that relies on trails, which allows the automatic change of working table. Continuous work is guaranteed with the possibility of load and unload the machine while it works, saving you a lot of time.

Technical Specifications  GHM1260T-EL
Laser Power 90W x2
Working Area 1200 mm x 600 mm
Laser Tube  CO2 Laser Glass
Engraving Speed Up to 1200 mm/s
Cutting Speed Up to 600 mm/s
Power  220V - 50/60HZ - 10A Max.

Possible Materials
Acrylic, rubber, plastic, paper, crystal,
bamboo, wood, embroidery, fabrics,
leather and other non-metallic materials.

Applicable to Industries
Footwear, Leather, clothing for toys,
embroidery, printing, paper, among others.




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